In this day and age, in every industry, there is a growing demand for every business to follow environmentally friendly practices. What does this mean exactly? And more importantly what does it mean for a Melbourne painting company? With today’s heightened concern over toxic chemicals and environmentally friendly practices, John Crawford™ Painting & Decorating are proud to be conducting all day to day operations as recommended by the industry associations (MPA) to protect their customers and the environment. John Crawford Paint Experts & Decorators are one of the leading decorating company.We have been providing Residential Painting and Commercial Painting services throughout Victoria since 1982 and now in Melbourne. This has allowed us to provide our extensive residential and commercial Melbourne painter and decorator professionals to help our valued clients. Apart from our commercial and residential art services, John Crawford also provides products including protective coatings and Industrial coatings. Other products include anti-graffiti coatings and Anti-Graffiti Products.You can be sure to rely on John Crawford for your other related services including; line marking, pressure cleaning and maintenance services throughout Victoria and Melbourne.