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Graffiti Removal

John Crawford Painters understands the impact that graffiti has on your business. 

That's why we will respond to your business or organisation as soon as we can.


Incorrect Graffiti removal can leave the affected area worse off by creating blemished areas and patches of discoloration.  Don't risk damaging your paintwork, call John Crawford painters for a professional and experienced painter to deal with your graffiti problems.


John Crawford painters have been removing graffiti from the public eye in the Bendigo, Shepparton, Wangaratta and Wodonga areas for more than 12 years and are experts in the graffiti removal field.

With John Crawford painters experience we can easily tailor a graffiti removal method that best suits the surface to which the graffiti has been applied.

No matter if you are a first time victim of a graffiti attack, or a business who constantly battles with graffiti attacks, John Crawford will get your business back to looking as it should in no time.

Take the stress out of dealing with a graffiti attack by calling John Crawford painters as soon as you become aware of it, the sooner you take action against graffiti the easier and quicker it is to remove.

If you are a business, local council or even a community group who constantly battles with graffiti, John Crawford's painting team is here to help you, not only can we remove the graffiti but we can also apply protective coatings to a wide range of surfaces so any future attacks are easily dealt with and the ongoing cost of dealing with graffiti attacks can be substantially reduced.


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