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Speed Bump Installation

John Crawford specialises in the supply and installation of speed bumps as well as an array of safety bollards and pedestrian walkway barriers.

John Crawford has been serving Victorians for over 10 years with the installation of speed bumps into private and public car parks, factories, residential streets and multi-deck car parks.

In even higher risk areas such as factories, where shared traffic zones carry potentially fatal consequences, the use of physical prominent safety barriers are able to be installed to ensure both users are physically protected from any inadvertent breeches such as vehicle traffic flow into pedestrian traffic and vice versa.

John Crawford caters for all safety barrier and physical traffic control installation into any environment.

Speed Bump Installation Services:

  • Private Car Parks

  • Public Car Parks

  • Multi-Deck Car Parks

  • Factory Speed Bump installation as well as associated line marking services

  • Residential Street Speed Bumps

  • Roadway Speed Bumps and Rumble strips

  • Installation and supply of plastic Lane Markers

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