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Safety Barriers

John Crawford specialises in the supply and installation of Safety Barriers and pedestrian safety systems into any industry or environment.

With a greater national Occupational Health & Safety focus on clearly identifying and separating shared traffic zones for the safety of all users, it is one of the greatest ways to reduce risks without sacrificing efficiency or the effectiveness of an area. 


The installation of painted and physical pedestrian safety barriers in combination with rubber lane markers is the single most cost effective method to risk managing pedestrians in public spaces across Australia.  In even higher risk areas such as factories where shared traffic zones carry potentially fatal consequences, the use of physical prominent safety barriers are able to be installed to ensure both users are physically protected from any inadvertent  breeches such as vehicle traffic flow into pedestrian traffic


Not only does John Crawford cater for all your safety barrier and bollard installation needs, John also provides line marking services, so with one phone call you are getting one contractor who can get the whole job done at once.

John Crawford has been serving Victorians for over 10 years with the installation of safety barriers and pedestrian walkways into factories and public spaces.

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